Why Choose a Solid Timber Floor?


Solid wood flooring provides natural beauty and is warm to the touch. It is easy to maintain and being solid hardwood throughout, has supreme resilience that will last forever. When other floors begin to look tired and worn, your timber floor will gain character and always look beautiful. Hardwood floors become more valuable over time and if required, can be re-finished many times.


Solid timber is a very versatile flooring alternative with a large range of timber species and grades available with no two boards the same. These alternatives offer a wide variety of grain, colour and sizes to choose from. These range from pale White Oak, Maple and Australian Oak to the warmth of Kwila. These timbers readily accept oils and stains and there are myriad of finishes available to suit any interior. These timbers are also supplied in random lengths providing further authenticity in the layout of the floor.


Natural solid timber is not only used for flooring but is suitable for many other complimentary interior applications, such as stair nosings, solid treads, risers, stringers, skirting, architraves, battens as well as ceiling sarking and wall panelling. Using solid timber ensures these all match, enabling consistency, design flexibility, with the ability to show the end grain and a simple palette of materials.


New Zealand can boast a great level of experience in the laying and finishing of solid timber flooring. With modern flooring systems and experienced floor layers, solid timber floors can be laid in any situation to provide a long lasting and beautiful floor wherever it is desired. Rosenfeld Kidson can recommend floor layers in your region and have detailed installation specifications for the full range of substrates, including underfloor heating systems and acoustic underlays.

Please refer to the Rosenfeld Kidson Solid Timber Flooring Installation brochures for detailed instructions for installing flooring on a variety of substrates. These include over joists, existing floors, softwood panels, on a concrete slab, on a concrete slab with underfloor heating and also on an acoustic membrane.

Solid timber floors after installation are sanded in-situ and then finished on-site. Finishing the floor in its entirety provides the opportunity to seal the floor more effectively than pre-finished flooring products. This makes solid timber flooring more suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Please talk to your flooring contractor about the best coating products to use for these situations.


A solid timber floor is a great investment. In addition to its ageless quality, there is typically little difference in price with engineered or laminate flooring, depending on the quality of these types of flooring, which can be difficult to determine.


With Rosenfeld Kidson solid timber flooring, you know you are receiving the best quality product available. There are no hidden secrets in its make-up. It is simply the finest timbers imported from around the world, conditioned to suit New Zealand environments by the most experienced people in the industry and profiled to the highest standard using the latest timber processing machinery.


Wooden floors do not capture the dust, dander, pollen, pet fur, smoke and other allergy-causing substances that build up in your home. These substances can also lead to the presence of dust mites, other insects and promote asthma and other respiratory problems.

These allergens will still be present throughout your home but the difference is that natural hardwood floors are easier to clean and maintain.


Timber floors store carbon. Up to half the dry weight of wood is carbon that’s been absorbed from the atmosphere by trees as they were growing. Lowering the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the most important things we can do to reduce the damage associated with climate change.

This carbon is sequestered in the timber for the life of the flooring, which is estimated to be an average of 100 years for solid timber flooring.

The manufacture of solid timber flooring uses no glues and minimal processes and therefore uses less energy than other flooring materials, including engineered and laminated flooring. Timber flooring creates five times less carbon emissions than ceramic tiles.

All Rosenfeld Kidson’s solid timber flooring products are sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests.

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