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Truwood® SecondaryPicture
Thermally Treated, Clear Grade, Low Density Hardwood

Rosenfeld Kidson can now offer Truwood®. This beautiful product is a thermally treated, clear grade, low density hardwood. This timber is sourced with FSC® certification to be from well-managed forests. The thermal treatment provides a rich Teak coloured timber with great properties of durability and stability without any chemical treatment - just heat and wood.

Truwood is produced using the latest thermal modification technology, which involves applying heat at 160 - 230°C, water vapour and pressure to the timber.

Modified timbers are making a increasing inroad into the construction industry, as availability increases and their benefits are realised. Truwood offers increased durability, stability and aesthetics in a renewable timber that is readily available in clear, long lengths.

Truwood carries a Durability Class 2 and is considered more durable than other naturally durable cladding types available. Truwood is also very stable, due to the modification process. Since the cell structure of modified wood absorbs less water, the equilibrium moisture content of the timber is also reduced. Improved dimensional stability reduces movement in service such as cupping, as well as splitting and checking around fixings.

Truwood is an excellent choice for cladding and is available in a wide range of 21mm thick vertical and horizontal weatherboard profiles. The timber is profiled in accordance with NZS3617 and Branz Bulletin 411, with both vertical and horizontal profiles compatible with all standard Rosenfeld Kidson system details. It is the ideal cladding solution where less frequent maintenance is required. An additional benefit of the reduced movement in service is the increased performance of coatings. Rosenfeld Kidson coat Truwood in a specifically formulated modern wood stain FactoryOil. This water-based stain has excellent water repellency and further improves the performance of the timber, while providing a range of natural colour options from mid-brown, to walnut and black.

Truwood also is well suited to many other applications. Its relative low density makes it great for window frames, door, sliders, garage doors, louvres and gates, as well as other internal joinery applications.

For more information and/or a sample please feel free to contact our sales team who would be happy to assist.