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Durable hardwoods for infrastructure

Imported hardwoods, particularly from Australia, for power reticulation and other infrastructure projects has long been a focus and area of special interest for Rosenfeld Kidson timber suppliers. Our knowledge of the properties of the hardwood timbers available and our expertise in the sourcing of these hardwoods to the required grade and specification means that the specifier can rely on us for the best timber product for the project at hand.

We carry stocks of both West Australian Karri and New South Wales (NSW) Spotted gum hardwood crossarms. Our crossarms are graded to the NZ standard 485 requiring 'slope of grain' to be better than 1 in 16 (as opposed to the Australian standard AS020 requiring only 1 in 12). Each crossarm is individually inspected, hammer branded by the inspecting authority, and end sealed to minimise splitting.

Karri crossarms are stocked in the three main sizes of 75x75mm, 100x75mm and 100x100mm in lengths of 1.8m to 5.4m.  Larger sections such as 150x100mm for transformer bases etc. are also available. Karri has a strength factor of 2 when dry and is 'durable' in above ground applications (such as crossarms).  Karri carries independent, third-party PEFC certification and is priced 25-30% less than the NSW species.

Spotted Gum crossarms are available ex stock in 75x75mm, 100x75mm and 100x100mm in lengths from 1.8 to 4.8m and are CCA (H3) treated (an Australian requirement as Spotted Gum is susceptible to Lyctus beetle). Spotted Gum crossarms are heavier, more durable and higher priced than Karri crossarms.

NSW hardwoods graded to NZ standard 168 (equivalent to AS2209) are offered in durability classes 1 and 2 and strength groups 1 and 2.  Desapped poles which have been mechanically desapped to give a uniform chamfered appearance are available, the alternative being CCA (H5) treated poles which have been debarked leaving an outer ring of sap on the poles which readily accepts the treatment.

Rosenfeld Kidson also imports durable NSW hardwoods as roundwood piles for use in wharf construction in fresh and saltwater applications. These are graded to NZ standard 485 (equivalent to AS 2082).

The preferred species for smaller piles in marine applications is Turpentine because of its natural resistance to marine borers such as toredo, which is a consideration for the warmer waters of the North Island. Where larger piles are required in a higher strength group the other durable NSW hardwoods are suitable when CCA (H6) treated, making the outer ring of sapwood resistant to marine borers. 'Double treated' piles are also available where water conditions require a higher degree of resistance.

We are happy to discuss the ideal hardwood species for your project and arrange supply.  Contact us.

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