Floor Coating Finishes

When flooring is site sanded the options for coatings include oils and solvent or water-based polyurethanes. Depending on the type of floor installed, location of the floor in the house, locality of the house and climate, some floor finishes will be more appropriate than others.

Traditional oil based finishes and hard wax oils provide a more subdued natural appearance. Solvent and water based polyurethanes tend to be more wear resistant and come in a wide range of gloss levels.

Two coating systems, that are popular in the New Zealand market, include Rubio Monocoat Oil and Handley Industries' Polyurethanes. 


Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a molecular-binding oil that provides durable colour and protection in one single layer. It is easy to use, non-overlapping and easy to maintain.

The oil doesn’t contain any water or solvents and therefore 0% VOCs. It only contains natural ingredients and is very safe to use, as well as
being equally safe for the environment.

The Rubio Monocoat oil adheres - within a couple of minutes - to the upper microns in the wood by a strong molecular bond (non film-forming and no saturation). This unique technology has set Rubio
Monocoat apart from other wood protection products for many years.

Rubio Monocoat Features:
• Durable colour and protection of the wood
• In one single layer
• Easy to use, no overlapping
• Easy to maintain
• 100% natural ingredients, 0% VOC
• Wide range of colours, with 40 standard colours
• Can be applied to almost all wood types


Handley’s Aquapol represents the latest in waterborne polyurethane technology as a non-toxic, one-pot, ready-to-use, high performance floor finish that rivals many of its solvent-based counterparts.

Aquapol dries rapidly through water evaporation and polymer coalescence. This allows several coats to be applied in one day with no lingering fumes and with little inconvenience to the home owner or
business owner.

Aquapol is 100% polyurethane and as such, exhibits the typical polyurethane characteristics of exceptional chemical, abrasion and water resistance. Aquapol acts as its own sealer and finish, no base coat is required and may also be over-coated with standard Handley solvent based polyurethanes.

Aquapol Features:
• Non-yellowing
• Low odour
• Easy application
• Easy re-coating
• One can - no mixing required
• Excellent coverage: 8 -10m² / Litre (depending on porosity)
• Available in a range of finishes - Satin, Low-sheen, Matt and Matt Plus

A selection of popular Rosenfeld Kidson Rubio Monocoat colours on American White Oak (over 40 standard colours available). Colour samples are representative only. Natural timber colour variation, grain structure and the quantity of coating applied will determine the final colour achieved. We encourage testing a liquid sample on the timber being coated, before committing to your choice.

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