Flooring Installation

Timber is a natural product and will absorb and transpire moisture during its life, so as flooring, there will always be movement in individual boards.

The care taken during handling, installation and finishing will minimise this movement. To achieve the best possible end result with traditional hardwood timber flooring products it is essential that correct procedures are followed:

Handling and Storage on Site Prior to Installation

Timber flooring from Rosenfeld Kidson is supplied with a standard level of moisture content between 10% and 14%. This is suitable for normal ambient indoor conditions throughout New Zealand.

Any flooring to be installed in situations outside these parameters, such as in an air-conditioned environment should be strip stacked in this final environment for approximately two weeks to allow the timber to acclimatise to its surrounding conditions prior to fixing.

Care should also be taken to protect kiln dried flooring from the elements; in particular the plastic wrapping should remain intact until final delivery is made. Packets of flooring should be stored 200mm clear from the ground at all times. Storage should be in a dry enclosed location where temperature and humidity are kept relatively stable i.e. avoid storage in places such as a garage or anywhere exposed to direct sunlight.

Installation and Fixing

We recommend that our flooring be installed only by experienced timber flooring contractors. These experts have the knowledge of substrates, fixing methods and materials necessary to minimise the effects of timber movement and provide a top quality finished product.

We would be pleased to recommend a number of experienced timber flooring contractors with whom we work closely and who are familiar with our flooring products.

Guidelines to laying timber strip flooring over timber joists and concrete floor slabs can be obtained from the BRANZ website (BU390, BU506).

Sanding and Surface Coating

Similarly, this is a job for the experts. Hardwood floors require industrial sanders and an expert technique to produce the desired result. There are many different types and qualities of surface coatings available.

Once again, the specialist flooring contractor we recommend can advise on the various products and price options available.

Floor Care

Following floor installation, the amount of climatic variation occurring in the room or house will determine the level of movement in the floor. In particular air-conditioning, under-floor heating and exposure to direct sunlight, heat or too much moisture will cause excessive movement in the floor.